Kymistry explores her Drag Persona for Pride 2021...

Does anyone else become different genders in their dreams? ‘Cause I only learned recently that not everyone becomes different genders in their dreams… lol. (Apparently, @domonicsmithweston shows up in all her dreams exactly how she is in waking life). So just kinda curious. I’ve always felt very fluid in so many different aspects of my identity and how I navigate/understand the world. To go with my new single, Perfect Moments, I did a shoot where I explored another gender expression that very much felt like another part of me. As always, thanks to my go-to photographer collaborator and friend, @lisa__flory for shooting this. It was shot earlier in the year via zoom with @domonicsmithweston as the photographer assistant.

Hope you like the photos and enjoy the single (link in bio)!

🌈 Happy Pride, ya’ll! 🌈

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