Introspection Cards 2020

I started making these "Introspection Card Decks" last year to record the lessons and themes that a year showed me while giving myself an outlet to play with color and layout. These are the cards I made for this year. I'm still learning every day how to show up for others as best as I can. And I'm continually evaluating and re-evaluating what that means. I'm grateful for family, friends, and community. We're almost at another milestone of the end and beginning of another year. And that's more than enough to pause, acknowledge and even celebrate.

Fonts used were Juniper designed by Joy Redick and Comic Sans designed by Vincent Connare... Yes, I used Comic Sans... WYGDAI? Lol... #QuestionBeautyStandards lol... Btw, if you want to download these for whatever reason, you're more than welcome to.

2020 Introspection Cards - Kymistry
Download PDF • 29.52MB

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