BORN NOBLE: Exploring power as our birthright through visuals creative directed by Kymistry

#BlackLivesMatter #MeToo #LoveIsLove #BodyPositivity #TransIsBeautiful – To name just a few, each of these movements were birthed through the viral exposure of oppressive values and injustices committed socially, politically and systemically. Although under painful circumstances, these movements represent a new powerful optimism and progress towards a more inclusive and peaceful world through its growing global communities.

Especially during this era of social media where we are exposed to so many intolerances and where mental health issues are becoming more prevalent, it is vital for us to have outlets for self-care that uplifts the community to continue to rise up. “Born Noble” is an editorial story and film created with the intention to remind us of our power and to remind us that we were born to be everything we’ve always most deeply desired to be despite some of our experiences in the world around us that might tell us differently.

The idea is that power is in our birthright and that the deeper we tap into ourselves— the people we already are and were born to be— the more we tap into our power, this untouchable, invisible place in the universe that only we have ownership over. Affirmation and validation is so important and it’s everything these movements represent.

The predominantly women-backed crew and models behind “Born Noble” represent diverse backgrounds, many of whom are a part of the LGBTQIA+ community. “Born Noble” was meant to be a celebration of what makes us all unique and of who we are, together and alone, and it was just as much of a celebration of that while creating it. #Born Noble


photographer LISA FLORY cinematographer JEROME R. HARRIS hair KIA MORRIS makeup AUÐUR SIF JÓNSDÓTTIR wardrobe stylist JESS. M. TURNER camera assistant JONATHAN SMITH camera assistant LIBERACE CRUZEE assistant DOMONIC SMITH-WESTON model JOHN SWEET model KELLI KICKHAM model JOHANNA PADILLA PINEDA video editor KYMISTRY

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