Kymistry is an emerging contemporary R&B artist known for her chilled, healing and empowering neo-soul sound.


With songs like ‘Unstoppable’, ‘KONTRABIDA’ and ‘Without You’, Kymistry belongs to the new wave of R&B singer-songwriters exploring themes of self-empowerment, light and dark, and love through music.

Based in Los Angeles, drawing comparison to moody alternative R&B artists such as H.E.R., SZA and Sabrina Claudio, Kymistry first began singing as a tool for self-expression and healing. She joined a couple of bands, writing acoustic hip-hop/experimental punk songs and playing guitar/drums, before focusing more exclusively on her artistry as Kymistry.

As a solo singer-songwriter, Kymistry’s making moves. From earning a Soulger Award for her performance at Skidrow’s Kingdom Koncert to being runner-up at Mercado La Paloma, she’s been busy building her community and collaborating with a variety of musicians and producers.

Now, she’s ready to elevate her local fanbase to a global one, starting with her first release. The rising R&B artist says: “My intention is to bring people together who resonate with my music, and to encourage people to be bold enough to be whoever they need to be in each moment.”


Keep an eye out for Kymistry’s debut single, coming soon. And follow Kymistry for updates — she’s one to watch.

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